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Cancer Love Chart

The crab may spill their whole life story in an attempt to melt Taurus reserve — this is a bad move no one wants to date a wet blanket. Earth Signs are emotional but more practical and because of this the Bull stops Cancer sinking into an emotional cesspit and provides solid ground to build a future on. Taurus thinks the sentimentality a bit twee but secretly loves that Cancer is so into them. They quickly look like a couple who are going to last the distance to friends and family.

Worst Matches

The crab must stop sweating the small things and wisely pick their battles with Taurus or risk complete shutdown. Taurus needs to open up more and use words to express their feelings. Several break ups often occur as Taurus fights to regain some semblance of independence. Taurus is a fixed sign — stubborn and suffering from change aversion so it will be up to the creative cardinal sign Cancer to add more flavors to the menu. Alternatively — let them think it was their idea in the first place — leave a lonely planet edition next to a raunchy magazine and they might just come up with a few new suggestions.

Yes, they are! Both can be prone to jealousy — Cancer due to fear of being hurt and Taurus due to moments of inadequacy. This will be your foundation for all that is to come. Capricorns fall under the tenth house in the traditions of horoscopic astrology. The sign is ruled exclusively by the ringed planet Saturn, located a whopping miles from where you are right now.

It is the third largest celestial body in our solar system, next to Jupiter and the sun. Cancers are born under the fourth house of the zodiac. Inside of its doors holds the energies of love, family, traditions, and compassion.


The mystics tell us that the moon is symbolic of deeply held beliefs, the unconscious and maternal instincts. It is also a celestial body that is said to grant Cancer with uncanny empathic powers. Cancer is a water sign , meaning these folks dive deep.

Cancer woman and libra man love compatibility

People who belong to this elemental group are characteristically intuitive and empathic. Capricorn is an earth sign , meaning it is grounded. Those born under this elemental group are usually practical and stable. They also are known for creating solid futures. The mystics teach us that Cancer and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs. This means they hold the power to create change with intense energy. When you think of Cardinal signs, think about the change of seasons. Notice Capricorn ushers in North American winter on December The physical attraction that exists between Capricorn and Cancer is intense.

At first glance, this phenomenon may seem impossible because of their differences. But the hard truth is they are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. It just operates on a different frequency. Moreover, because the crab is intuitive, Cancer can hear what the goat needs without it ever having to speak a word. On many levels, the connection is psychic. It is said that when a Cancer is wearing a ruby birthstone , that connection is amplified. In the bedroom, the pair experience a magnetic joining that is difficult to describe.

Their connection transcends time and spacetime and space. But when you think about things, it makes total sense. One is ruled by Saturn , a planet that alchemists heralded as transformative. The other by the moon; a celestial body that the ancients believe impacts sexual desire. When a full moon happens, Cancer experiences a pulse of energy that vibrates with transformative Capricorn.

You may be curious as to why? During this period, the two can mate for hours while connecting on multiple plains. The emotional bond between Capricorn and Cancer is palliative.

The Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With In Bed

Additionally, it is built on a high degree of trust. The goat approaches all things in life with caution.

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However, once it feels it can trust the crab, it quickly bonds. But that trust must be earned and takes time to develop. Cancer is drawn to emotional challenges. There exists an unspoken, karmic bond between the two that is loving and supportive. In many ways, the pair balances each other out. The level of trust that exists between Cancer and Capricorn is enduring and powerful.

Much of this is because both signs spend a great deal of time forming the bond itself. However, once a connection is made and the relationship unfolds, trust begins to grow. Cancer is a communicator and loves to talk. Capricorn is more stoic, sharing only what it needs to with those who are not close. Think of a goat feeding from your hand. At first, it is hesitant, fearful of being harmed.


But the more it feeds, the less worried it becomes. This is how it is with Capricorn and Cancer. The goat understands that it can be itself with the crab.

On the flip side, Cancer recognizes that Capricorn is extremely loyal; something all water signs put a premium on in romantic relationships. One of the most powerful ways Capricorn and Cancer connect relates to money. The goat is a planner and saver, carefully setting realistic financial goals for the future. Conversely, the crab desires safety and protection. It happens and sometimes frequently. Almost always, the issues center on spending priorities.

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  8. Remember, Capricorn is a highly practical sign. Cancer, on the other hand, is OK with spending money on something that creates memories. It takes a gentle sign like Cancer to nudge the goat into loosening up on its miserly ways. When arguments do occur, the crab usually wins out.

    Earlier, we examined the unique attributes of earth and water signs. Their elemental qualities are important because it is their differences that — paradoxically — make the two connect. Cancer is a highly creative sign, gifted with writing.